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Code Of Conduct
Code of Conduct/Rules Enforcement
General Conduct Rules:
Players are encouraged to role-play, but to a limit.
Players may not harass another player, in any format (email, chat, phone calls, etc.)
Harassment is when one person incessantly and deliberately verbally or non-verbally (email, chat) attacks another person.
Players are encouraged to use PG-13 language, but there is really nothing stopping you from using dirty words
Additionally, any player threatening an Admin, while they are in the office of their position (ie: handling disputes), will be banned from Gundam Wing Mercenaries. This behavior is totally unacceptable. Players should listen to Admins and work with them to resolve any problems. Causing problems for an Admin or not listening to them can get you and your Unit fined and/or locked out.
Players caught cheating will be removed and their name will be posted on the site.
Show honor while you fight.
Down mechs are targets but try not to leg much.
Have fun and enjoy the game.
In general, conduct yourself professionally, and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Rules Enforcement
There are several general classes of problems
People not following the code of conduct.
People not following the Leagues Rules on creating a room.
People being rude, belligerent, mail bombing or otherwise behaving in an uncivilized manner.
People reporting false battle reports.
People not confirming battle reports.
People self reporting or group reporting.
People using hacks.
Accusations of Cheating.
These problems will cause an action of review and sometime disbandment.

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