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White Taurus
White Taurus

Name: White Taurus
Pilot: Lucrezia Noin
Classification: Mobile Suit
Registry Number: SK-12SMS
Height: 16.8 meters
Weight: 7.9 tons
Material: Titanium-alloy
Armaments: Beam Cannon, Laser Gun (optional)

Fighting Ability: 100
Weapons Ability: 110
Speed Ability: 125
Powered Ability: 110
Armored Ability: 110

White Taurus

Though most Taurus mobile suits were destroyed at the end of AC 195's "Eve Wars," the Mariemaia Army has retained a force of some fifty units to defend the space colony X-18999. These are used as unmanned mobile dolls to ward off investigators. But, The preventer agent Lucrezia Noin has also kept her trademark The White Taurus, which she uses in the battle to liberate the occupied Earth Sphere Unified Nation capital of Brussels and the main defense of the Sanc Kingdom.