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Lucrezia Noin
Lucrezia Noin

Name: Lucrezia Noin
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Ethnic Origin: Mediterranean
Place of Origin: Italy
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Eye color: Dark purple
Hair color: Platinum black
Mobile Suits: White Taurus and others

Lucrezia Noin
OZ Mobile Suit Pilot

Lucrezia Noin is a very close friend of Zechs. Noin and Zechs went to the Lake Victoria Military Academy for special training. They both graduated at the top of the class (Zechs was 1st and Noin was 2nd). After graduation Noin joined the academy's staff force, where she trains new Specials recruits for space combat. Being an OZ officer Lucrezia Noin made a fierce rival with Lady Une. Through time Noin became an excellent mobile suit pilot, but she didn't care for battles (instead she often peacefully answers to crisis situations). During the changes in OZ Noin created armies to defend the Sanc Kingdom from the new OZ (Romefeller Foundation). After the Eve War, Noin found herself defying the government's policy of destroying all mobile suits, and retains her outstanding White Taurus Mobile Suit (SK-12SMS).