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Treize Khushrenada
Treize Khushrenada

Name: Treize Khushrenada
Age: 24
Ethnic Origin: Aryan
Place of Origin: Unknown
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Eye color: Ice blue
Hair color: Platinum blond
Mobile Suit: Tallgeese II

Treize Khushrenada
OZ Leader

An aristocrat, the infallibly elegant and cultured Treize is the leader of both the elite Specials force and the secret society OZ. He's also a director of the mysterious Romefeller Foundation, the industrial combine that sponsors the Specials, controls OZ, and manufactures the Alliance's armaments. But Treize has his own agenda apart from the Romefeller Foundation's simple lust for world domination; he believes that war is a noble pursuit, and seeks to harness the destructive forces that he unleashed for the betterment of all humanity. As befits his noble breeding, Treize is a gentleman and a chivalrous warrior (going by the code of chivalry), adored by his soldiers and feared by his Alliance superiors. He has a long friendship with Zechs, and goes to some lengths to protect his old friend when Zechs's more eccentric activities draw the attentions of the suspicious Romefeller Foundation.