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Zechs Merquies
Zechs Merquise

Name: Zechs Merquise
Real Name: Milliardo Peacecraft
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Ethnic Origin: Northern European
Place of Origin: Sanc Kingdom
Family: Sister Relena
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Eye color: Nail blue
Hair color: Platinum Blond
Mobile Suits: Tallgeese I, III, and Gundam Epyon

Zechs Merquise
OZ Mobile Suit Pilot

The masked man known as Zechs is the ace mobile suit pilot of the Alliance's elite Specials force, which is in reality a front for the secret society called OZ. Having earned the highest marks at the Specials' Lake Victoria military academy, Zechs received the first two-rank promotion in the organization's history, and acquired the nickname "Lightning Count" for his exploits, he is a hero to the Specials' members and the trusted friend of their leader Treize. But for all his fame, Zechs is shrewd and cautious, wary of taking unnecessary risks or underestimating his enemies. Zechs's mask hides a dark secret. He is actually the son of King Peacecraft, heir to the Sanc Kingdom and Relena's long-lost brother. Though OZ eventually gives him the opportunity to avenge the death of his father and the destruction of his homeland, Zechs is uncertain how to proceed from there. Trained as a warrior, his hands was stained with the blood from battle, the man born Milliardo Peacecraft feels himself unworthy to follow his father's pacifist ways. Ultimately, he joins the White Fang resistance group and leads them into a final grand stand battle. Zechs has been missing and presumed dead since the "Eve War" of AC 195. After the war Zechs return to Earth to become preventer "Wind"; to write the final chapter in the up coming war.