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Tallgeese lll
Tallgeese III

Name: Tallgeese III
Pilot: Zechs Merquise
Classification: Mobile Suit
Model Number: OZ-00MS2B
Head Height: 17.4 m
Dry Weight: 8.2 t
Generator Output: 3647 kW
Thrust Output: 87003 kg
Armor Materials: Titanium-alloy
Armament: vulcan x 2 beam saber x 2 heat rod x 1 mega cannon x 1

Tallgeese III

This final incarnation of the legendary Tallgeese was created by Treize Khushrenada during the cataclysmic Eve Wars. Though it was made at the same time as Treize's Tallgeese II, the third version's advanced weaponry took longer to complete, and it never reached the battlefield. After the end of the war the Tallgeese III ended up in the hands of Preventer, the Earth Sphere Unified Nation's elite intelligence agency. In AC 196, it's at last used in combat by the mysterious agent known as "Preventer Wind" (Zech Merquies). The Tallgeese III is basically identical to the original Tallgeese, with some modifications to its head and shoulders. Its armament, however, far surpasses that of its forebears. The shield attached to its left shoulder houses an extendable heat rod based on that of the Gundam Epyon, as well as a pair of regular beam sabers. The Tallgeese III can also carry a huge mega cannon, whose maximum output rivals that of the Wing Gundam Zero's twin buster rifle.