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Tallgeese II
Tallgeese II

Name: Tallgeese II
Pilot: Treize Kushrenada
Classification: Mobile Suit
Registry Number: OZ-00MS2
Height: 17.4 meters
Weight: 8.8 tons
Material: Titanium-alloy
Armaments: Dover Gun, Beam Sabre X2

Fighting Ability: 100
Weapons Ability: 110
Speed Ability: 150
Powered Ability: 130
Armored Ability: 120

Tallgeese II

In the last days of AC 195, as the conflict between Earth and the space colonies draws to a close (the Great War), former OZ commander Treize Khushrenada rejoins the fray as leader of the terrestrial World Nation. To lead his troops into their final battle against White Fang's army of mobile dolls, Treize creates a suitably impressive personal mobile suit. Tallgeese II was assembled from spare parts left over from the development of the original Tallgeese. Its performance is more or less unchanged from the version used by Zechs Merquise, and it's a testament to Treize's superb skills as a pilot that he is able to control this notoriously dangerous mobile suit. Aside from its personalized color scheme, the Tallgeese II's only noticeable design change is to its head, which sports a Gundam-influenced faceplate and an Epyon-style crest.