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Gundam Nataku
Gundam Nataku

Name: Nataku Gundam (a hero of Chinese mythology)
Pilot: Wufei Chang
Classification: Mobile Suit
Model Number: XXXG-01S2
Head Height: 16.4 m
Dry Weight: 7.5 t
Generator Output: 3045 kW
Thrust Output: 74760 kg
Armor Materials: Gundanium-alloy
Armament: twin beam trident x 1 vulcan x 2 dragon fang x 2

Gundam Nataku

An improved and upgraded version of Gundam Shenlong and Gundam Altron. Gundam Nataku is adapted for space and ground combat. The name Nataku is derived from a hero from Chinese mythology. The equipment include: Same as Gundam Altron two extendable dragon fangs on each arms making the Gundam have one dragon's head on each of its arms. The dragon fangs or dragon's heads use claws to destroy other mobile suit and the two flame-throwers on each of the fangs was removed for more mobility. Also, Gundam Nataku is armed with the same lance for Altron; the twin beam trident that have three beams blade at both ends of the trident. The twin beam trident is the main weapon and twice the power of the Gundam Shenlong's lance. The turret-mounted beam cannons based on the Vayeate's main weapon and the two wing-like random binders on the back was also removed. With the high fighting ability Gundam Nataku is the best mobility mobile suit in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. This suit was special built for the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz addition.