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Gundam Shenlong
Gundam Shenlong

Name: Shenlong Gundam (The dragon god)
Pilot: Wufei Chang
Classification: Mobile Suit
Registry Number: XXXG-01S
Height: 16.4 meters
Weight: 7.4 tons
Material: Gundanium-alloy
Armaments: Dragon FangX1, ShieldX1, Flame throwerX2, Beam LanceX1

Fighting Ability: 160
Weapons Ability: 110
Speed Ability: 130
Powered Ability: 140
Armored Ability: 120

Gundam Shenlong

Created in the space colonies of Lagrange Point 5 (L5) to battle the secret society OZ. The creator of Gundam Shenlong is Master O. The Gundam name Shenlong is derived from the Chinese phrase god dragon. Gundam Shenlong is close-quarters fighting suit. Using the spear beam lance and the extendable dragon fang claw which is built into its right arm. The mouth of the dragon fang contains a pair of medium-range flame-throwers. Gundam Shenlong can grab an enemy mobile suit with the dragon fang, then activate the flame-throwers to perform the dragon fang fire attack. The main weapon of the Gundam Shenlong is its spearlike beam lance. The back up weapons are the dragon fang with the flame-throwers built in the fangs and the Vulcan machine cannon in the head. With the high fighting ability Gundam Shenlong  is one of the best mobile suit in Gundam Wing. But after being capture by OZ Gundam Shenlong will be tranform into Gundam Altron for space combat.