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Trowa Barton

Name: Trowa Barton
Age: 16
Ethnic Origin: Unknown
Place of Origin: L3 Colony Cluster
Height: 160cm
Weight: 44 kg
Eye color: Dark green
Hair color: Brown
Mobile Suits: Zero Three and Gundam Vayeate

Trowa Barton
Gundam Pilot

Trowa Barton is a mystery young man who was sent from the L3 Colony Cluster to the Earth to destroy Oz. At a young age Trowa was taken in by a mercenary troop organization. This is where the nameless boy became a combat mobile suit pilot and learned the tactical skill that made him a veritable one-man army. He became Trowa Barton when he was working on Gundam Heavyarms and the true Trowa Barton was killed by Doctor S assistant. This action ended up with the no name young teen became the Trowa Barton we know now. So Trowa Barton (gundam pilot) stole the real Trowa Barton's name. Through time Trowa Barton found a home with the members of the traveling circus troupe. Once in Gundam Heavyarms Trowa has nerves of steel and superb reflexes showing that Trowa is the best pilot for the Gundam Heavyarms. In the end names are what people give you and not who you are.