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Gundam Heavyarms Kai
Gundam Heavyarms Kai

Name: Gundam Heavyarms Kai
Pilot: Trowa Barton
Classification: Mobile Suit
Registry Number: XXXG-01H2
Height: 16.7 meters
Weight: 7.7 tons
Material: Gundanium-alloy
Armaments: Gatling GunX2, Army KnifeX1, Beam Gatling GunX2, MissleX6

Fighting Ability: 130
Weapons Ability: 170
Speed Ability: 110
Powered Ability: 140
Armored Ability: 140

Gundam Heavyarms Kai

An improved and upgraded version of Gundam Heavyarms. Gundam Heavyarms was upgraded by Howard on the Peacemillion to become Gundam Heavyarms Kai. Gundam Heavyarms Kai is designed for long-range and space combat. Heavily armored and packed with weaponry from head to foot, this one mobile suit has the firepower to destroy many space cruiser, yet it's designed to waste as little of its limited ammunition as possible. The primary weapon is the two new lethal beam gatling cannons worn over its left hand. The secondary weapons are the same as Gundam Heavyarms' weapons: homing missiles in its shoulders, micro missiles on its legs, and gatling guns concealed inside its chest. When the ammunition is exhausted Gundam Heavyarms Kai must go to the small army knife mounted on its right forearm. The only defense is a shield mounted on the Two Beam Gatling Cannons. With all this weapons ability Gundam Heavyarms Kai's fire power is better than any mobile suit in Gundam Wing.