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Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Name: Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Pilot: Heero Yuy
Classification: Mobile Suit
Model Number: XXXG-00W0
Head Height: 16.7 m
Dry Weight: 8.0 t
Generator Output: 3732 kW
Thrust Output: 88150 kg
Armor Materials: Gundanium-alloy
Armament: twin buster rifle x 1 beam saber x 2 machime cannon x 2

Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Wing Gundam Zero Custom was designed fifteen years ago by the same scientists/engineers (Dr.J, Phd. G, Dr. S, Instructor H, and Master O) who sent the other 5 Gundams to Earth (operation meteor). This Suit is the ancestor of all the Gundams. Wing Gundam Zero Custom is specialize in space combat and ground combat. This superior suit is very similar to the Wing Gundam Zero Mobile Suit. The Suit can not transform into the neo bird mode. However Wing Zero Custom gains a set of feathered wings that help it survive the reentry in to the Earth's atmosphere. Wing Gundam Zero Custom fire power is made up of a twin buster rifle, (twice as powerful than the Wing Gundam buster rifle) one beam saber, two shoulder mounted wing Vulcan, and its twin machine cannon (which are stored in the head of the suit). The fire power of this suit can destroy one colonial star with a single blow. { the same as Wing Gundam Zero} Also, Wing Gundam Zero Custom is still equipped with the " Zero System " a battle enhancing system that provides better battle decisions for a pilot. With its superb performance, firepower, antique design and  the Zero System Wing Gundam Zero Custom is the ultimate Gundam ever build. This suit was special built for the
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz addition.