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Wing Gundam
Wing Gundam

Name: Wing Gundam
Pilot: Heero Yuy
Classification: Mobile Suit
Registry Number: XXXG-01W
Height: 16.3 meters
Weight: 7.1 tons
Material: Gundanium-alloy
Armaments: Vulcan GunX2, Machine CannonX2, ShieldX1, Beam Buster RifleX1, Beam SwordX1

Fighting Ability: 130
Weapons Ability: 140
Speed Ability: 150
Powered Ability: 120
Armored Ability: 130

Wing Gundam

Sent to Earth by a resistance group within the space colonies of Lagrange Point 1 (L1). This extreme mobile suit creator was the engineer Doctor J (Dr. J was also Heero Yuy's caretaker and trainer for Operation Meteor). This suit (WingGundam) was created in the L1 colony cluster for Operation Meteor (the sole purpose of battling Oz on Earth). The primary weapon for Wing Gundam is its buster rifle, a crashing beam weapon (rifle) which can only fire three times before its energy supply must be recharged for the next battle. In addition to the Buster Rifle, Wing Gundam also have a close-range/secondly combat weapons: Its shoulder mounted Vulcan machine cannons and one beam sabers, which is stored in its shield, can destroy a mobile suit in close-range combat with no problem. The Wing Gundam can also transform into a winged plane (which is called the bird mode). This superior fighter jet/plane can survive reentry in to the Earth's atmosphere. During Gundam Wing Heero transfer from Wing Gundam to Wing Gundam Zero.