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Gundam Epyon
Gundam Epyon

Name: Gundam Epyon
Pilot: Milliardo Peacecraft (Zehs Merquies)
Registry Number: OZ-13MS
Height: 17.4 meters
Weight: 8.5 tons
Material: Gundanium-alloy
Armaments: Beam SwordX1, Heat RodX1, Epyon ClawX2

Fighting Ability: 160
Weapons Ability: 140
Speed Ability: 160
Powered Ability: 150
Armored Ability: 140

Gundam Epyon

The seventh and last of the Gundams, the Epyon was created by former OZ leader Treize Khushrenada, based on data from the Tallgeese and the previous Gundams. In keeping with Treize's martial philosophy, the Epyon was designed for close-range combat, omitting all long-range armament.The Epyon's beam sword, connected via cable to the Gundam's generator, making it the most powerful melee weapon ever used by a mobile suit. The secondary weapon is a multi-segmented, heat-radiating whip called a heat rod, which is attached to its shield. The Epyon can also transform into a mobile armor mode (like WingGundam Bird Mode) for high-speed flight both in space and in Earth's atmosphere. And last its also equipped with the extreme Epyon System similar to Wing Gundam Zero Zero System.