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Gundam Vayeate
Gundam Vayeate

Name: Gundam Vayeate
Pilot: Trowa Barton
Registry Number: OZ-13MSX1
Height: 16.3 meters
Weight: 7.3 tons
Material: Gundanium-alloy
Armaments: Beam CannonX1

Fighting Ability: 110
Weapons Ability: 160
Speed Ability: 125
Powered Ability: 110
Armored Ability: 130

Gundam Vayeate

The Vayeate is one of two experimental mobile suits created for OZ by the five scientists who developed the Gundams. Forced by their captors to create a weapon that can defeat a Gundam, the scientists devise a pair of mobile suits - one offensive, one defensive - that can fight as an unbeatable team. The Vayeate, the offensive part of this equation, is test-piloted by undercover Gundam pilot Trowa Barton. Months later, the rebel army White Fang uses Trowa's recorded pilot data to create an unmanned mobile doll version of the Vayeate. Designed strictly for maximum firepower, the Vayeate is armed only with a powerful beam cannon, based on the Wing Gundam's buster rifle. This beam cannon is connected directly to a generator on the mobile suit's back, so it doesn't have the energy limitations of the Wing Gundam's weapon.