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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Welcome to Gundam Wing Mercenaries

     The Gundam Wing Mercenaries is a Mechwarrior Clan dedicated to its members and its allies. The power and training our members receive will help them be the best around in the zone. As a Mech Warrior, Gundam, and a member of the elite Gundam Wing Mercenaries they will be required to understand every systems, and the rules in our clan. More importantly, they will learn how to fight in their mech. They will learn and understand how to push their mech and themselves pass all preconceived limits. The members will also be taught to understand how their enemy react to their tactical choices. With this knowledge, we will gain control of the battle and become a true Gundam.  We will do everything possible to help members learn to command their mech.The tactical we will teach them will not be enough to be the best, the rest is up to the mercenaries.
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing



     After colony 195, 20 years after the assassination of Colonial Stars President Heero Yuy, and the Downfall of King Darlian Peacecraft. The Space Colonies decided to take revenge on Oz, the special unit of the Earth Federation Union that is responsible for Heero Yuy's death. The Plan was called "Operation Meteor", to send five mobile suits made of gundanium alloy (a special alloy strong enough to resist conventional weapons). Each of the five mobile suits have different specialty and each came from different colonies, one of their goal is to destroy all weapons on earth and destroy OZ, they are Heero Yuy piloting Wing Gundam, Duo Maxwell piloting Gundam DeathScythe, Trowa Barton piloting Gundam Heavy Arms, Quatre Raberba Winner piloting Gundam Sandrock and Chang Wufei piloting Gundam Shenlong.
      Later the OZ will take over the world and the five gundams would begin the battle in space, when the son of King Peacecraft, Miliand Peacecraft also known as Zechs Marquise leads the colonial stars into war with earth. At that time all conflicts on earth were resolved with the help of Zechs' sister Releena, the current ruler is Treize Krushenieda since the OZ took control of the Earth after Releena was crowned as Queen. Both Treize and Zechs are Comrades in arms before, but with the existing conflict between the space colonies and Earth the war began. Treize using Tallgeese II and his armada of mobile Leo's and Zechs (Miliand Peacecraft) using Gundam Epyon and an armada of mobile puppets called Virgo (a mobile suit with no pilot). In between them are the Gundam Pilots who want to end the war they started because of Operation Meteor, The Gundams were all upgraded to suit battle in space and weapons are also upgraded. In the Climax of the story, Treize and Tallgeese II was Killed By Wufei and Nataku during their battle to finish their personal conflicts, Duo and Gundam DeathScythe Hell fought the OZ Super Mobile suits Mercurius and Vayeate, Quatre and Trowa battles with the remaining Virgos and the duel that would decide the fate of earth and the colonies Zechs and Epyon vs Heero and Wing Zero. Both mobile suits are considered to be the most powerful since both can destroy one colonial star with a single blow and both were equipped with " Zero System " a battle enhancing system that provides better battle decisions for a pilot. Heero defeated Zechs inside Librant the Super Space fortress of Miliand, but Librant is falling down to the Earth. In the end Heero managed to prevent this disaster using Wing Zero's powerful twin buster riffle destroying the falling part of librant together with Epyon inside. The Earth and The Colonies witnessed the final War and chose to co-exist with each other.                       
      A year after the death of Treize Khushrenada and the battle against the World Nation's military and White Fang, the world has seemingly returned to peace under the Earth Sphere Unified Nations government. The Gundam pilots, except for one, decided that maybe it is also time for them to forget war. As Wing Zero, Heavyarms, Deathscythe Hell and Sandrock are sent into the sun to meet their end. However, as long as mankind exists, there will always be battles. In the struggle for the world, Operation Meteor true meaning is showed, will Heero and the others get their Gundams in time.
This battle is our quest.


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